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Tenants & Testimonials

Current Tenants

  • Law Office of Ernest “Bo” Hopmann III 
  • The Law Office Robert V. “Bob” Rosenberg 
  • Law Office of Robert Valles Jr. 
  • Rudy Vargas Investigation  


Attentive, Responsive Management

"I have maintained my law office at the Lawyers Professional Building for nine years and I highly recommend it to others. The premises are attractive and professional. The staff has been helpful and competent. Management has been attentive and responsive to my needs.  There is great camaraderie between tenants creating an atmosphere of cooperation, assistance and learning."    

Robert V. Rosenberg, Attorney at Law    

Ideal Arrrangement for New Attorneys 

"When starting my own law practice a colleague introduced me to the Lawyer's Professional Building. Attorney tenants offered advice on branching into new areas of law, referred work,and brought me into their cases. Building manager Lisa Hopmann helped me with marketing and was ready with feedback whenever asked. Not only is the office in a prime area of town--Houston Heights--but also just a few minutes from downtown. It is an ideal arrangement for new attorneys or businesses that want to keep their overhead low in their beginning stages." 

Natalie Schultz, Attorney at Law


Wonderful for a Solo Practioner

"I officed in the Lawyers Professional Building from 2006 to 2011 and would be there still if I hadn't left private practice. The building is great, and Lisa and Bo saw to it that it was always kept that way.  It's in a great location, only two miles from the courthouse, easy for clients to find, with free parking, and all the facilities and technology needed today. It's a wonderful office for a solo practicioner."

Randy Martin